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Photo Collages

Click on image for a larger version.

All items are sold out. Sorry.

All photographs and collages are copyright protected and may not be used for any purpose without written permission.


collage-black leg.jpg (103466 bytes)

Apple Ballet SOLD



Collage-stream-petals-seeds.jpg (87535 bytes)


collage-route 66.jpg (63912 bytes)

Route 66 SOLD



Golden Cowboys-small.jpg (91455 bytes)

Golden Cowboys



Old Cowboy Town-small.jpg (111781 bytes)

Old Cow Town



Deer-small.jpg (66181 bytes)

Silent Passage SOLD



collage-cadillac.jpg (56327 bytes)

Rosey Cadillac



Peaches-small.jpg (93947 bytes)




collage-snowy evening.jpg (83090 bytes)

Snowy Eve SOLD



collage-falling leaves.jpg (82712 bytes)

Rocky Leaves SOLD



collage-flag of flowers.jpg (105065 bytes)

All American Alyssum SOLD



Dorthy's House-small.jpg (55669 bytes)

Dorothy's House 



collage-green apples.jpg (53300 bytes)

Paper Apples



collage-yellow forest.jpg (145137 bytes)

Yellow Forest SOLD



collage-lonely boat.jpg (33038 bytes)

Lonesome Boat



collage-peaches.jpg (41101 bytes)




collage-two leaves.jpg (25198 bytes)

Two Leaves



collage-purple lightning.jpg (33502 bytes)

Purple Lightning



collage-purple wood-small.jpg (86994 bytes)




collage-woodsey marigolds.jpg (107146 bytes)

Flowers in a Forest SOLD



collage-rock sun.jpg (36545 bytes)

Arizona Sun



collage-road to nowhere.jpg (28714 bytes)

Road to Nowhere



collage-lit cactus.jpg (38628 bytes)

Christmas Rose



Road to Nowhere No.2.jpg (102484 bytes)

Divided SOLD



Lonesome Boat.jpg (60775 bytes)

Lonesome Boat



Antelop4-small.jpg (32431 bytes)

Antelope Canyon SOLD



Green Apples-small.jpg (44588 bytes)

Too Green to Eat



collage-bleeding hearts.jpg (56664 bytes)

Hearts on a String



Lotusflr-small.jpg (37908 bytes)

Tribute to Charlie Bray


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