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How to Get That Glamour Look

When viewing images click on image for larger view. Then click on red and blue box in lower right corner for a full screen view. Have fun. Remember this is a very simplified version and pretty crude - but hopefully you get the idea.

1- Open the image you wish to "glamorize". Now duplicate it. Layer, Duplicate Layer

2- On the top layer  go to Filter, Blur, Gaussian Blur. Try 25-50 pixels for 6 meg images.

3- Still on the top image go to Image, Adjust, Brightness and Contrast. Try +15% on both for starters.

4- On the Layers Menu select Overlay. In the pull down menu it is at the top left hand side. It will probably say Normal. Scroll down to Overlay.

5- In the Layers menu simply Flatten Image and save.


Here is a before and after. Pretty easy to do, to a larger or lesser degree. Try it.