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Junk as Art - Times Gone By

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All photographs, digital photographs, or digital images are copyright protected and may not be used for any purpose without my written permission. (Click photograph for larger version.) 


Gears-Small.jpg (88965 bytes)

Gears of Confusion

Rusty car-small.jpg (68909 bytes)

Just Passing

Cans-sky-small.jpg (145830 bytes)







Sew Tired






Snappy Old Tools






Bicycles for Christmas





Car-green-red-small.jpg (112218 bytes)

Red and Green Car




Fenders-glass-small.jpg (118610 bytes)

Fender Bender

Metal entwined with flesh for a little
while...No sign of either returning ...One is
forever gone.. without mercy or grace... 
The other has a soul with both...and lives... 
Somewhere in time... 





Jeep-orange-small.jpg (101629 bytes)

The War's Over





Old Car Projectg-1small.jpg (118278 bytes)

Old Man's Dream of Bodie Garage






Old car inside-small.jpg (78811 bytes)

Minor Accident





Old Car Composite-8-small.jpg (36202 bytes)

Grandfather's Truck





Old car-shadow-small.jpg (172785 bytes)

Green Car of Many Colors





Pipes-1 copy-small.jpg (166262 bytes)

Silent Pipes





Tires-glass-small copy.jpg (127715 bytes)

Retired Tires





Old car-red-small.jpg (114588 bytes)

Big Red




Truck-1 copy.jpg (114084 bytes)

Dump Truck





Truck-2.jpg (186312 bytes)

Pair of Dump Trucks






Yellow_truck1-final-small.jpg (84155 bytes)

Yellow Truck




Gears-2-final-small.jpg (136874 bytes)

Machine Going Nowhere






Car2a-final-small.jpg (115844 bytes)

Grandpa's Milk Truck






Stairs-final-improved-small.jpg (109442 bytes)

Stairway to Yesterday





Buses  dying.jpg (102224 bytes)

The Last Wagon Train







Fence-1-final-small.jpg (129153 bytes)

Forgotten Corral




Three-Rivers-5-finished-1-s.jpg (100780 bytes)

Three Rivers Ghost Town






California Dreaming





Old Pullman and Auto.jpg (126670 bytes)

Last Train to Silver City






Jerome-bathtubs-collage1620.jpg (141384 bytes)

Bath Time









Dead Miner's Shirt




Time Traveler




Rye-Trucks-small.jpg (235356 bytes)

Caravan to Nowhere







All Aboard




Abandoned in Silver City





Dead Bottles

Rhyolite, Nevada






Cars Put Out to Pasture






Grandpa's  Milk Truck Revisited

Gold King Mine, Jerome, Arizona





Ford Truck Model 95





Bad Ass Truck - Gold king Mine




Van in Oatman, Arizona








Old Truck in Ghost Town of Cisco, Utah

Rusting Dodge Truck

Truck Reflector and Chain

Rusting Van near Vulture Mine

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