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Photo Links 

Outstanding Contemporary Photographers from Around the World.


Ghost Towns of the West - Ghost Towns of the West is dedicated to those hearty souls who struggled and toiled with nothing but the basic necessities - and sometimes without these. These were the hearty pioneers who asked little and gave much. The very backbone that made America great. With miners having an average lifespan only into the late 30s it was a short and very hard life.


Nick Berezenko   Nick is one ot the premier landscape photographer of Arizona. His work regularly appears in Arizona Highways, Sports Afield, America West Magazine, Sunset, Scientific American as well as many others. Nick has also done commercial work for Arizona Public Service, Arizona State University, the Morrison Institute, the Anasazi Foundation, Phoenix Faerie Festival, and the Safeway Corporation. I am sure you will enjoy his beautiful Arizona landscapes.


Dominic Rouse    Dominic, winner of the most prestigious Spider Award (2006), is a master of photographic manipulation. His work is sure to inspire and amaze you. Following such greats as Jerry Uelsmann, Dominic  covers new territory with enormous creativity and skill.


Misha Gordin   A fantastic fine art photographer. In my opinion, one of the best! His photography is in MANY permanent museum collections. A beautiful and inspiring site. (One of the very first great photographers to be recognized by the Spider Awards for Black and White Photography.)Jeff Alu  Jeff produces beautiful b&w photographs of the  California desert. His images are both surreal and highly original. Truly a very unique style. Using a small non-DSLR camera and extensive Photoshop manipulation, he is capable of producing outstanding images. (another Spider Award winner)


Frank Peeters  This wonderful Belgium photographer's work is shown world wide in  permanent collection of thirteen leading museums in the USA, Switzerland, France, Germany, England, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Finland, including the Museum of Modern Art, New York and the Musée national d'art moderne, Centre Pompidou, Paris.

Art Sands   Black and white fine art photography. Art is a medical doctor who has some outstanding b&w classic car photographs. This site is a must see featuring some excellent classic photography..


Bob Bennett  Bob is a San Francisco based fine art photographer who does wonderful photomontage work. What makes his work so amazing is he does it in the darkroom with a single enlarger! Very different, very beautiful.


.Bart Aldrich   Award winning and internationally published photographer Bart Aldrich takes inspiration from a wide range of visual sources and creates lasting images noted for their vibrant colors, strong composition and intimate details.


Steve Chong  Steve is a Malaysian photographer who truly is a rising star. Although only in photography a short time his conceptual and surrealistic photography is outstanding.


Helyn Davenport - PixiPort  This web site includes some of the most outstanding photographic  images on the web today. Helyn Davenport is truly a gifted artist.


Ben Goossens  Ben is a master of the photo montage. His work is both extremely surrealistic and compelling. As a retired art director from Belgium , he uses  Photoshop as only an artist can.


Roberto Palladini  The Italians have always been wonderful supporters of great art. This site is no exception. Roberto's work is both refreshing  and innovative.  Roberto also has a guest page of outstanding photographers from all over the workd!


Lynn Radeka  Lynn's professional photography career spans more than thirty-five years. Influenced in his early work by Ansel Adams and Wynn Bullock, he continues to pursue a technical and aesthetic mastery of the medium of photography. His love of the grand landscapes and intimate details of the American West was born on his first trip to Death Valley in 1966. This site features many of Radeka’s classic images as well as a number of personal favorites.


Alina Glasova  Alina is another extraordinary photographer from Russia. Her work is both highly technical and yet very creative at the same time. Her galleries exhibit her strong advertisement background as well as displaying unusual conceptual content.

Cole Thompson  Since 2004 Cole Thompson's images have been in over 100 exhibitions and has received several awards including "Photographer of the Year" from Black and White Spider Awards. 

Specialty Sites


James Schot Gallery  The James Schot Gallery is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It features some of the finest contemporary  fine art photographers in the world.  Currently it is showing Dominic Rouse (2006 Spider Award Winner for Black and White Portfolio), Steve Bingham, Madelina Jordache, David Nitsche, Paul Biddle, and Michael Mollich. This is a must see gallery if you love photography! (Click on the image for a larger view.)



Agora Gallery  Agora gallery is a contemporary art gallery -located in Soho, New York City, in the hub of gallery buildings and museums. Provides art-consulting services to private and corporate collectors. Artist portfolios are  accepted for review. It is also the home for great fine art photography.


Luminous-Landscapes  Welcome to The Luminous Landscape, the web's most comprehensive site devoted to the art of landscape, nature and documentary photography using traditional as well as digital image processing techniques.  You will find on these pages instructive feature articles, product reviews, travel and technical discussions, inspiring portfolios, and a Discussion Forum.


Camera Manuals  Actually, this site is loaded with hard to find miscellaneous photography information in addition to hard to find camera manuals.


Myra's Art Gallery  Myra's Art Gallery, located in Pine Arizona, has some of the finest art work in Arizona. It includes such well known artists as William Ahrendt, Ange Cockle, Jason Huffman, Donn Morris, Rock Newcomb, Roger Buchanan, Steve Bingham, and over 30 other artists.



Reference Sites


Popular Photography   Popular Photography magazine continues to be the single most read photo magazine in the world. With "Tests and Reviews" on just about every lens, camera, and other photographic gear imaginable, their archive files remain second to none. A great reference site.


Thom Hogan    This a most incredible site. It is primarily devoted to Nikon equipment - or equipment that can be used with or on Nikon cameras. Thom makes a real effort to be scientific about all his findings rather than emotional. For Nikon users it is THE site to visit.


Rob Galbraith  Digital photography news, reviews, tutorials, and discussion forums for the digital photographer. This site is loaded with useful information.


Imaging-Resource  Wow. This site compares a ton of digital cameras - side by side with a "comparometer". Great reviews with a lot of very useful information.


Compare Digital Cameras (dpreview.com) This photography site lets you compare digital cameras with actual downloadable high-rez pictures of test objects and charts. It also has a great forum section for all makes of cameras.


Steve's Digicam   Steve has put together an incredible informational page on digital cameras, software, and the most complete reviews you will ever read!


Depth of Field Charts  This Depth of Field Calculator (along with hyperfocal length of various lenses) is provided by the www.Nikonians.org. This is a really top flight site with tons of useful information!


PC Photo  A magazine that specializes in digital photography.


Adobe Photoshop  Go directly to Adobe's Photoshop page for tips, tricks, and the latest upgrades and patches.


Shutterbug Magazine  A good all-round source for photographers.


eDigital Photo  This is a great on line as well as off line photography magazine.  Be sure to check out the eWEB section.


Wilhelm Imaging  Henry Wilhelm is extensively into the testing of the longevity of inks, dyes, and papers used in digital printing. For the real facts, this is the place.

dp  This a great digital information site for all you Mac users (and PC users too). Lots of reviews on digital cameras, printers, scanners, computers, software, and accessories.


about-arts.com/photography  Directory of photography related websites and discussion groups.

Lexar Digital Photography    Lexar, the leader in CF cards, has tutorials on how to get the best from Lexar products, information on photography techniques, product and services. It also will also feature professional who use Lexar products.


Digital Photography Kits  Lynn Radeka provides some excellent white balance filters as well as many other digital aids.



Photography Forums


Nikonuser.info  Stany Buyle and his wife Rita have put together a new Nikon web page with a wonderful format. This is a website where  Nikon users share their pictures, experiences and  findings. It has an open forum and all are invited to join by becoming a member.

dpreview   Although this is an excellent site for digital camera information and testing, it also has a great forum section which is divided up into dozens of areas of interest. Probably some of the best photography forums on the net are found here. This is probably my favorite.

PhotoForum.ru  This Russian based site has a very impressive collection of user submitted photographs that are critiqued.


Photo.net  Granted that Philip Greenspun, the originator of the site, is no longer actively involved, this site has grown to become a community of over 600,000 registered users. Some might find the site too large, but it certainly doesn't lack for photographs - both good and bad.



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Brooks Institute of Photography - Santa Barbara, CA    Brooks offers a variety of professional photography degree program areas including a Bachelor of Arts degree in Professional Photography and a Masters of Fine Art photography.

Rochester Institute of Technology - Rochester, NY    RIT School of Photographic Arts and Science offering seven seperate degree programs, from a Bachelor of Arts degree to a Masters of Fine Art photography.










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