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Fine Art Nudes

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Asylum--jen-1small.jpg (155762 bytes)



Gillian 2=small.jpg (111293 bytes)

Water Dancer #1


Gillian-stream-small1.jpg (74194 bytes)

River Goddess



Gillian-falls1-small.jpg (114562 bytes)

Secret Desert Oasis



Gillian-in-Water-3small.jpg (101164 bytes)

People come and people go.

Only the land remains.

Gillian waterfall-small.jpg (88660 bytes)

Water Nymph



Gillian-Sept-small.jpg (88770 bytes)

Dream the Dream



Gillian and wolf-duotone.jpg (102985 bytes)

Embracing the Wolf

Feathers -image-3-small.jpg (110550 bytes)

Energy Field


Jerome-hospital-4b-650.jpg (61021 bytes)

Escape to Sanity



Aspen grove with Gillian - small.jpg (97185 bytes)

Aspen Grove



Jennifer-soft light-small.jpg (82517 bytes)

Altered Decisions


Death-of-Sarah-McGee.jpg (86306 bytes)

Death of Sarah McGee


Jen-on-stairs-small.jpg (85574 bytes)

The Rebirth of Sarah McGee




Jennifer-in-Hell-bw.jpg (70672 bytes)




Jen-clouds 4fsmall.jpg (128397 bytes)

Lady in Blue




Jen-clouds5-small.jpg (138813 bytes)






Old-House-and-Jen2-small.jpg (175883 bytes)

Grandmother's House



Vulture-Mine05b.jpg (151455 bytes)

Lost in Time





Star Light





Star Child





Dance for the Dead




Dancing with the Stars





Angel Hair





Demi 3





Demi 2





Demi 1




Devil in disguise






In the garden of the potter










Steel Maiden


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