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Landscapes and Nature Photographs of the Western States

For pricing on all items on this page please e-mail me or phone. See Contact Info (last page).

All photographs, digital photographs, or digital images are copyright protected and may not be used for any purpose without my written permission.      

Grand-Tetons-3small.jpg (249866 bytes)

Jackson Lake - Grand Tetons, Wyoming

Grand Tetons-small.jpg (57210 bytes)

Lake Jenny - Grand Tetons, Wyoming

Flower field 4.jpg (168889 bytes)

Glacier National Park, Montana



Glacier-1-small.jpg (124985 bytes)

Glacier National Park, Montana



Dandelions.jpg (116274 bytes)

Dandelion Field, Arizona


Flower field -2-small.jpg (119125 bytes)

Glacier National Park, Montana

Glacier-2-small.jpg (105527 bytes)

Glacier National Park, Montana


butterfly.jpg (98128 bytes)

Cut Leaf Sunflower, Arizona


Flower field -3-small2.jpg (134221 bytes)

Highway 14 to Cody Wyoming



monument-1.jpg (74609 bytes)

Monument Valley Monsoon, Arizona



Monument Valley and Navajo, Arizona



Little Colorado-small.jpg (67379 bytes)

Grand Falls - Little Colorado, Arizona



Slot Canyon.jpg (87418 bytes)

Antelope Canyon, Arizona



Arches NP-small.jpg (94315 bytes)

Arches National Park, Utah



Canyon De Chelly-small.jpg (119841 bytes)

Canyon de Chelly, Arizona

Monument_15_best-small.jpg (74933 bytes)

Moon over Monument Valley, Arizona



Antelope and indian-small.jpg (98017 bytes)

Navajo and Horse, Arizona

Redskin reflects the canyon's wall... 
Well named- this child of God... 
To blend with all of natures` call... 
White skin would seem so odd... 
If perchance -this earth would change... 
Into a scene of desolate black... 
Redskin would pray ," Great Spirit... 
We beg red earth be given back!"...



Monument 11-small.jpg (99988 bytes)

Monument Valley, Arizona

Salinas Pueblo Mission-small.jpg (144035 bytes)

Salinas Pueblo Mission, New Mexico




Monument Valley III




 Chaco 7-b&w-small.jpg (76739 bytes)

Chaco, New Mexico



Cactus flower-small.jpg (66291 bytes)

Cactus Blossoms, Arizona



Poppies-small.jpg (44962 bytes)

Poppies, Arizona 



Cactus flowers-1cropped-small.jpg (87075 bytes)

Cactus Blossoms, Arizona


Mallard-small.jpg (164208 bytes)

Mallard, Arizona


Hummingbirds-small.jpg (143928 bytes)

Hummingbirds, California



Desert Saharos.jpg (80798 bytes)

Saguaro Cactus, Arizona





Surfers-small.jpg (104632 bytes)

Sunset Cliff Surfers, California




Sunset-1small.jpg (55691 bytes)

Sunset, Arizona




Bagpiper sunset.jpg (49669 bytes)

Bagpiper & Sunset, California



Cactus leafs-small.jpg (83914 bytes)

Cactus Leaves, Baja



Fall Leaves, Arizona



Tree Fungus, Arizona





Old Building  - mask-ssmall.jpg (109588 bytes)

Colorado Mining Town



Old Mine 2-mask-small.jpg (103342 bytes)

Colorado Mining Cabin

Rustic aged cabin of hilltop view... What lives
have dwelled within you... What hearts have here
ached for others... For company of mates or
brothers... Did gold rush greed invade your
space... Or sicken fevers awaiting grace... Have
lonely hearts stayed in here... Or frightened ones
in total fear... The tales your walls could tell...
Before the tolling of the bell... Your timbers stand
in serenity... A tribute to your masters` tree...







Old Building final-small.jpg (100743 bytes)

Colorado Mining Town 2

Mazatzal Mountains and Poppies-small-2.jpg (156199 bytes)

Mazatzal Mountains, Arizona


Fossil Springs 2 final-small 2.jpg (237913 bytes)

Fossil Springs, Arizona

Clouds and goose-small.jpg (79921 bytes)

Geese Going Home, Arizona



Organ-Pipe-Cactus.jpg (181355 bytes)

Organ Pipe Cactus, Arizona



Stairs-final-improved-small.jpg (109442 bytes)

Virginia City, Nevada



Organ Pipe National Park, Arizona



Mourning Doves

Outside my window!




Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Wild Buffalo




Alabama Hills, Lonepine, California


Bosque del Apache  Sandhill Cranes

Socorro, New Mexico


Sandhill Cranes at Bosque del Apache

Socorro, New Mexico





Fall Colors on the Mogollon Rim

Payson, Arizona







Arizona Poppies II

Organ Pipe National Park




Desert Dandelion and Lupine

Joshua Tree National Park




Desert Dandelion

Joshua Tree National Park




Smoke Tree

Joshua Tree National Park







Desert Poppies

Joshua Tree National Park




Paria Wilderness, Utah







Organ Pipe Cactus

Organ Pipe National Park





Valley of the Gods, Utah





South End of Monument Valley, Arizona





Anasazi Universe





Canyon De Chelly After the Storm

Grand Canyon Panorama - Stitched

Payson, Arizona Elk
(not cropped)

Experiment in HDR
Three exposures in Antelope Canyon

New Mexico Sand Dune

White House
Canyon de Chelly

Utah Monument

Arches National Park

New Mexico Sand Dunes
White Sands, New Mexico

Arches at Night
Arches National Park

Arches II
Arches National Park

Navajo Horses on
Navajo Indian Reservation
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