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Comparing Uprezing Software

1- The photograph was taken with a D200 and the new Nikon 105mm f2.8 Macro VR.

2- The photograph was taken hand held with VR on.

3- I compared 3 methods: The first was PS CS3 using bicubic smoother. The second was Alien Skin Blow-Up (latest version). The third was Genuine Fractals 5.

4- I selected a 60" (5 feet) uprezing at 240 dpi, the preferred rez for my Epson printer. This would be a HUGE print. Final print (and samples) had USM of .4 at 150% and 0.

5- Bicubic smoother took 1.5 seconds  (I have an extremely fast computer). Blow-Up took 62 seconds. Genuine Fractals took 45 seconds.

6- I could detect very little differences at 100%.  Even at 200% some differences were observed with a slight preference going to bicubic smoother. A small section of this image was cropped, printed, and compared. I saw zero difference in the print.

7- Conclusion: Bicubic Smoother was 40 times faster than Blow-Up and a 5' print would show no difference.

Bicubic Smoother was  30 times faster than Genuine Fractals and a 5' print would show no difference.

Here are some cropped samples from each. If you have Photoshop, drag one onto the top of the other as a second layer. Make sure View - Snap is activated and the top image can be made to snap into place - exactly. Now simply click the top layer on and off to compare the images, pixel by pixel if you so desire.

Also. When viewing these images wait 5-15 seconds for the enlarged version to load. Then click on the arrows in the lower right corner of the image to get a huge enlargement.

These results are almost identical to ones I got over a year ago. I would be glad to test others, but not at the expense of purchasing them.



Bicubic Smoother     ( Click on image to enlarge.


Blow Up    Click on image to enlarge.


Genuine Fractals 5   Click on image to enlarge.

The funny symbols are GFs way of keeping me from using the image.



Full Image (downsized to fit the page) Click on image to enlarge.